Friday, March 26, 2010

Blue Ridge is the Trout Capital of Georgia

Blue Ridge
Great news!  Blue Ridge is now the Trout Capital of Georgia after the Georgia Legislature passed HR 1773 this week.  The designation was proposed by the Blue Ridge Chapter of Trout Unltd and sponsored by Rep. and Speaker David Ralston.  According to the resolution, Fannin County is home to 13 bodies of water that have been designated by the Georgia DNR as trout waters -- actually over 550 miles of pristine streams, including The Toccoa River's diverse tailwater, which can be fished all year.  Fannin County is also home to the federal trout hatchery in the Chattahoochee National Forest. 

The Blue Ridge area is known as one of the top five places to fish for trout in the southeastern U.S., according to Trout Unltd.  How fitting that the Georgia House recognize Fannin County as the Trout Capital of Georgia for its abundance of trout fishing opportunities!

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