Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Remembering the Good Times in Blue Ridge

A ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway brings back
simpler times and sweet memories to many who remember
when the railroad was the way to travel.

Blue Ridge, Ga.
A wonderful blog on a first time rider's experience on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway brought to mind some of the things we take for granted here in Blue Ridge.  People like Lana, who wrote the blog and took wonderful pictures of her experience, love the railroad and other small town pleasures here, because they bring to mind a simpler time.  We sometimes forget that the small town "Mayberry-ness" of Blue Ridge brings back some very poignant memories for those who come here and experience small town life once again.  For Lana, the railway brought back thoughts of her childhood, her parents and grandparents, and the way they lived back "in the day."

One of three remaining drive-in theaters in
Georgia, the Swan plays first run movies.

There are those of us who spent lots of nights at the drive-in movie as kids and teenagers (maybe in the back seat or hiding in the trunk to sneak in?)  Yesterday in our Fannin County Chamber Welcome Center, one of our visitors got really excited because we have a drive-in movie theater called The Swan here in Blue Ridge.  Well, it's pretty special to have a drive-in movie theater that plays the top movies every week, and those of us who live here probably don't appreciate it enough.  People take their picnics and lawn chairs and really enjoy an evening under the stars, not to mention the funnel cakes.  It's an experience you simply can't have anywhere else.  This weekend "Toy Story Three" and "Prince of Persia" are playing on the double-feature.  Adults are $6 and kids are $3. So pack the kids in the car and head over to The Swan about "dark-thirty" for a little nostalgia under the stars.

 Sometimes it's just a simple view, a country church or a field of cattle, that can bring us a connection with the past and a feeling of quiet joy.
Sometimes the simplest sights, like a field of cattle, can stir up the most powerful sense of well-being.  We take for granted that these soothing and beautiful sights are ours to see every day, and keep forever.  If you come to Blue Ridge, be sure to take the time for a scenic drive along our rural countryside. The beautiful landscape and the peace and quiet will remind you of what matters in life.

People bring their kids to the
mountains, because they want them
to experience the outdoors, catch a fish
or pick an apple. 

These days kids are raised in subdivisions and spend their play time with scheduled activities 9 to 5.  People bring their kids here to hike in the woods, catch a fish, pick a strawberry or an apple -- things we take for granted are very special for kids with very little unstructured time at home.  A family trip to the mountains gives new meaning to the term "quality time."

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